Dear Andrea, In a very critical phase of my life, I was able to get to know you by accident. It was coincidence then, today it’s a gift for me. You have been able to give me a lot of help for many topics and showed me the way to save. Today you enrich me again and again with new impulses and ideas. You explain very clearly, seem very calm and strong and are a great contribution to my life. I do not know where I would be without you. I could only make the decisive points thanks to you. I thank you very often in silence, but today I would like to thank you again directly: Thank you for your support of life for me!

Simone Habekost

Miri’s heart: … ORANGE! It unites everything you have described above! It seems so simple that its complexity is often overlooked. As you have done, dear head. And now I ask you: what’s better for any starting point than a solid, complex base that offers you the greatest simplicity and ease, that you do not even consider considering what it brings you. She comes to it modest, not intrusive. But when you sniff them, your heart bounces and your head clears and even connects you to your innermost – even your inner child!

Miri’s head: Yes, sure! The I did not think that …?

Miri’s heart: Are you yes, my good! Orange was even your first thought. You have just discarded the wonderful orange again. Do you remember?

In this sense: Dear Andrea, you are for me ORANGE🍊

Andrea Neiller has helped me a lot to enter the world of Young Living Essential Oils. She knows everything very well and has a lot of intuition. I am very well accompanied. Thanks Andrea!

Caroline Vittini
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