Design the Life You Want

What do you want?

You have worked on yourself, overcome one or another crisis?

So that you and your family can have a healthier, happier, calmer life.

Now you are wondering what’s next?

You are looking for different ways than whats offered around you – directly

customized for YOU.

For your life, your needs, your family life, your business,…

You know you want to take the next step, so that your life can

be shaped exactly the way you desire, then I would

be honoured to work with you closely to design the life of your dreams!

It`s possible!

If I can do it – so can you!

The best thing is: It is all already inside of you & we will explore what you want and how to get there!

We will work very closely together over the time frame of 90 days in all areas of your life!

We evaluate which upgrades are due and how you will achieve them in small steps and with tools you can use straight away.

We will start by 2 half days VIP Coaching in week one and two.

As well as from Monday till Thursday we will have a 15 to 30 min. check in.

Each of the following weeks we will have 1hour together and finish in the last week by another 4h VIP day.

This is definitely not for everybody and I will open 3 spots to work this closely with me.

Don’t hesitate to book a 30 min. call with me, so that we can find out if and how I can be of benefit in your life.

This is an investment of 3 times 1.750 Euro or once 4.500 Euro.

However since I love to work with people which are decisive and you decide on our call that this for YOU, I will offer you the 90 days for 4.000 Euro.

I am looking forward to talk to you!

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