About me

Hi, I am Andrea, I am a Mom of 2 amazingly skilled teenagers and 2 sweet fur babies, happily married to a wonderful husband and father. I create the life I want and claim full responsibility for it & I love it!

Enough about me: What can I do for YOU?

I love to support you on a part of your journey, be the mirror you need right now & show you some tools to create a path and the door to your next level. I show you solely what worked for me and I trust you and have confidence in you that you have everything you need inside of you – check whats useful for you and implement only what you believe is supporting you, look at it just like a buffet;)

I love to work with 100% committed women which want to live who they are and be fully aligned with their inner being and their purpose.

This is you? Let´s have a chat about if I can support you on your way.

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